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Ever since he moved to London at the age of nineteen Egill Prunner has tried everything from stills and studio photography, documentary filmmaking and creating images for tourism publications as well as northern light images.


As he claims himself he never found the media industries appealing.


“I far more like taking pictures of landscapes and still life work that I do in the basement of my house”. "Working on film and photographic sets will require, casting agents, set builders and choreographers and I far more like to do most of the work myself. In that way, I look at myself a little bit like the carpenter a cross the road who has more KNOW HOW! and less the person who tells everyone what to do even though he doesn´t have any hands on experience". 


These images are collection of my favourite shots from the past two decades of work ranging from travel related images to fashion, northern lights and still life.

"The question that I ask in my work is not if photography can be art but more off the means of making art and photography useful as medium of communication where I like to challenge the visual coherence between images as well the authenticity of what they represent". 



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