Egill & Katrina  -  Island Webinar; Aktuelles aus Island

Reykjavik webinar; News from Iceland 2020

The summer of 2020 Egill & Katrina tour operators will host a webinar. The webinar reports on the situation in Iceland before and after COVID-19. Guest speaker is Egill Prunner tour guide.


News from Iceland; Webinar

Iceland before and after the COVID-19 crisis.

What happened to tourism in Iceland?

Egill Prunner, tour guide and tour operator follows the course of the past few years in the tourism industry in Iceland.

Can we still visit Iceland?

The tourist boom and disintegration of the Icelandic tourism industry.

How the Icelanders survive COVID-19.

Iceland before and after the COVID-19 CRISIS.

10 good tips for the Iceland trip.

How to travel better in Iceland in 2020.








Register for the webinar using the registration form below. We will send you an invitation when the exact date has been decided.


Katrina Prunner, all rights reseverved.

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